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We’ve simplified the billing and added pre-purchase discounts as well as released a new mobile app for both iOS and Android with the new site. We hope you enjoy the new experience!

We invite you to setup an account on this new site and to start using it and the new mobile apps for all your eFinalDate needs. Because of the many upgrades, this system is not compatible with the prior solution. However, you can still do all you have done previously by using the old site.

No More Rubbings

Take Digitial Measurements of Monuments

Simplify your work

Simplify the work you are already doing!

Anyone can take a picture

No more rubbings

No more teaching how to do rubbings

No more waiting for mail

Measurements available in seconds

No more measuring the paper rubbing

Faster design time

Quicker turn-around to customers

Simple communication on the order

Find monuments faster

GPS image location tagging


How it works

Honestly, it's as simple as taking a picture and downloading it.

Anyone takes a picture

Use our MagicCard and any phone. Follow a few guidelines and take a picture

We process it

Once the image is uploaded, it just takes a few seconds for us to process it. We align it with the card and scale it to life size.

You download and use it

Import the image into your design software. Since it is life size, it is easy to match the font.

Ready to dive in? Start your free trial today.

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