Frequently Asked Questions

Someone has probably had your question before! Lets see what we have.

Is there a tutorial I can watch to see how the site works?
Yes! You can watch it here.
Will you send me a plotter file?
No, we send you a .jpg image. This is transformed to and we embed the real-world size into the .jpg image. This can then be used to import as a layer into your design software.
What is an order?
All of the pictures associated with one monument.
I'm new, how do I get some Magic Cards?
Wonderful! Great to have you. Simply sign up! We'll send the first batch to you for free
Can I get some new cards?
Yes! After logging in, you can purchase new cards at the bottom of the organization settings page.
How do I join an organization?
There are two ways - the first is by having a member of the organization you want to join send you an invitation link. If you are trying to send a user an invitation link to your organization, this can be found on the 'Members' page. You can also create your own organization by navigating to the 'account settings' page and clicking 'Create Organization'.
What design software can be used with this?
We have yet to find one that does not work. Some examples that work: Corel Draw, Gerber Omega, Adobe Illustrator, Cochran, MonuCad, WinPCSign
I'm using Monu-cad but can't seem to get the right size. What am I missing
Monu-cad is a little unique in that it does not automatically read the size of the image. Not to worry, here You will need to enter the dimensions of the image.

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